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Incoming First Year

Form 138‐A (High School Report Card) original copy and 2 photocopies,

  • Certificate of Good Moral Character, original copy and 2 photocopies,
  • Result of Admission Test, original copy
  • 3 photocopies, 3 pieces 2 x 2 recently taken colored ID pictures 
  • Birth certificate in NSO Security Paper (SecPa)

External Transferees (from other schools)

The requirements are:

  • Certificate of Transfer Credential / Honorable Dismissal (original copy and 3 photocopies)
  • Transcript of Records for evaluation purposes (Original copy and photocopy)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character (original copy and 2 photocopies)
  • Result of Admission Test (original copy and 3 photocopies), 3 pieces 2 x 2 recently taken colored ID pictures.
  • Validation/ Crediting of subjects taken outside of NDU by a transferee is made only when the subject is a non‐major subject, has the same descriptive title/contents as the subject contained in the curriculum of the program at NDU, has units equal to or higher than the required units, and satisfies pre‐requisite requirement of the NDU curriculum.

Internal Transferees (Shifters)

The students who wish to transfer to another course in a different college are required to seek the approval of his/her previous Dean and the Dean of the College he/she wishes to transfer. 

Returning Students.

Students who wish to enroll after a leave of absence from the University are required to secure enrollment guide from the Registrar's office. 

Foreign Students.

By the authority granted by the Bureau of Immigration (AAFS No. AD D03 – 107), Notre Dame University is listed among the Philippine Higher Education Institutions authorized to accept foreign students who are graduates of secondary/high schools or its equivalent with a valid 9(f) student visa.

The following documents are required of a foreigner who applies for a student visa:


  • Original copy of the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) issued by Notre Dame University.
  • Original copy and five (5) photo copies of the revised 1998 student's Personal History Statement (PHS).
  • Proof of adequate financial support to cover expenses incidental to his/her studies.
  • Scholastic records/transcript of records authenticated by the Philippines Foreign Service Post.
  • Police Clearance Certificate issued by the National Police Authorities in the student's country of origin or residence duly authenticated by the Philippines Foreign Service Post.
  • Medical Health Certificate issued by an authorized medical practitioner in the student's country of origin including standard size chest X – ray.
  • A photo copy of passport pages where name, photo, birth date, and birth place appear.

The REGISTRATION process is specified in an enrollment guide prepared by the Registrar's Office for each of these types of enrollees:

  1. New First Year Student
  2. Transferee
  3. Returning Student
  4. Old Student 

The school considers the student officially enrolled upon his completion of the enrollment procedure and submission of admission requirements / credentials. The curriculum level of a student is determined on the basis of the total number of credit units earned in the program and not on the number of semesters attended. Subjects must be enrolled/passed in the correct sequence specified in the course curriculum/evaluation form. Credit shall be given to a subject only if the pre‐requisite subject has been taken and passed. Students should strictly observe the schedule for enrolment. Late registration fee shall be imposed on enrolment after the regular enrolment period. Classes missed due to late registration shall be counted as absence.

Validation/Crediting of subjects taken outside of NDU by a transferee is made only when the  subject is:

  • A non‐major subject;
  • A major subject taken from a FAAP accredited institution;
  • Of the same descriptive title/contents as the subject contained in the curriculum of the program at NDU;
  • With units equal to or higher than the required units;
  • Satisfying pre‐requisite of the NDU curriculum.


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