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Alumni Story

                             NDU Alumni Story

The efforts towards the revival of NDUAA were made as early as July 1983, when the VPSS wrote the president of the NDUAA and expressed his desire of making association functional. So that finally in November 24, 1984 a meeting of these persons was held resulting in subsequent meeting on December 15, 1984 and December 29, 1984 respectively.

These series of meeting led to the discovery of a more accurate record of officers and responsible persons in the Alumni Association since 1976. Letters were sent to them to join the adhoc committee. Fired by the desire to strengthen the Association, the Committee decided to schedule on homecoming February 17, 1985. A perusal of the letter of Atty. Angelito B. Cabucungan then the president, shows the highlights of the occasion. Besides reminiscing and renewing acquaintance and friendship, it included (1) the recognition of Alumni Jubilarians , (2) the election of officers, and, (3) Plans for the next two years.
What gave a new impetus to the Association was the election of a new set of officers: Mr. Necito S. Blase, President; Atty. Pricias Banaga, Vice President; Mrs. Charito S. Bueno, Secretary-General; Mrs. Aurora A. Montoya, Treasurer; Atty. Leonardo J. Rendon, Auditor; and Mrs. Edita Tugbo, PRO. A very significant decision made by this set of the officers together with the Board of Directors  then and felt by the association today is the construction of the Alumni center. This edifice, beside the profit that it might make is more significantly a factor in bringing together and unifying all graduates of the university.


Story and some People

Some people alumni and non-alumni figured significantly the present story, There was the first President of The association Atty. Angelito B. Cabacungan who for years held unto the position remaining to be symbol of the  hundreds of graduates ahead and after his class. In 1985 on the first homecoming after many years. Atty. Cabacungan stepped down from presidency probably tired but satisfied he has kept it going, to hand it over a new leadership.
Earlier in 1983, not known to many, this writer as VPSS, commissioned an old alumnus, Mr. Samuel F. Cabiles, who then just retired as University Registrar, To start contracting alumni to get information from them and generate interest in re-strengthening a steadily declining alumni spirit . Some inroads were made. Contact person had been identified. In 1984 in  bus to kidapawan then North Cotabato, was seated a man who at that time of this writing at the helm of the Association, Mr. Necito S. Blase. Providentially, as if brought together by faith writer sat beside him.

The two got to talking about NDUAA and an agreement was forged between the two bring to life the association . Later, the two were joined by Mr. Ben-Errol Aspera, Then  Administrative Assist to the VPSS in planning ways to implement this agreement. By this fiat, Fr. Ante,President of NDU and later Fr. Cariño , Executive Vice President signed letters inviting alumni to form the Ad Hoc Committee.

The story and the Association

Some time before 1976, the alumni Association was born through the effort of some pioneering alumni but it was really stung the to the life on |February 20, 1977, the association was steered by Atty. Angeliti B. Cabacungan , President; Mr. lluminado E. Protasio , Vice Prsident; Mr. Necito S. Blase , Secretary-General; Mrs. Evelyn Tamon, Secretary ; Sr.Consuelo Billanes,RVM , Treasurer; Atty. Leonardo J. Rendon, Auditor; and  Mrs. Edits Tugbo , PRO. This executive group was supported by a policy-making group, the board of directors composed then as it currently by the president of each college: Atty. Primicias Bañaga, Law; Mrs. Fe Angeles Lopez, Arts & Science ; Mr. Guillermo Laureano; Commitee. Engr. Tu Dong Chua, Engineering; Hadj. Abdullah Andang , Teachers College; and Supt.Zainal Mlok. Imbued with the desire to help their Alma Mater recover from the ruins of the shaker they formed themselve into groups to solicit funds to rebuild the science building that collapsed. 

Fr. Clarence Bertelsman, OMI., Treasurer and comptroller of NDU kept an accurate accounting of what was solicited. In fact when the money was turned over to the association the funds amounted to P302,467.21 as of september 30, 1983. Interest earned was P167,156.20 with a principal of P135,311.01. Days months and years came to change destiny the associationembers of enthusuasm slowly died down as the impact of the earthquake gradually came came forgotten. Before the last ember died away and the night-marish experience forgotten, another night of reviving what was left of Notre Dame Spirit happened. A call from the leadership of the alma mate's administration resulteed in an Ad Hoc Commitee composed af a coregroup chairmaned by Mr. Necito Blase. But it did not just happen that way. It took a lot of letters to key persons , afrter the record of these persons have been retrieved.

The story and the Homecomings

The first big project of the Ad Hoc Committee that met several times in 1984 was the grand alumni homecoming of February 17, 1985 at the university campus . Its theme was "Ang Pagbabalik at Parangal '85". An impressive souvenir program was printed containing the directory guide book, the product of more than a year of sending information sheet form and retrieving the same , To more or less complete the directory a computerized in the souvenir program . The affair was considered a success. Almost a thousand or one third of the expected alumni turnout  attended the affair.  This number however was encouraging . The assembly elected a new set of offices and pushed on for another bigger homecoming in 1986. the clamor was to schedule the next month homecoming for two days.
After the new Board met several times it decided to hold it for two days as recommended by the assembly on May 3-4 1986. the committees this time had a better preparation after learning from the first homecoming . Expected alumni this time was twice in 1985. The first day of the two days out and and at the second day only 167 registered . Amazing was the determination of the decreasing assembly , they voted for anew set of officers. Elected were  President; Mr. Necito Blase; Vice President , Major Mangakop Lintongan; Secretary-General , Mrs. Charito Bueno, Treasurer, Mr. Segundino Aguilar, Sr.; Auditor, Mrs. Luzvilla S. Riego de dios; and PRO ms. Luzviminda P. Machan.

The story and the Alumni Center

The first floor of the alumni center was blessed at 9:30 am that beautiful morning of June 14, 1987. Pictorials of the blessing are printed in the NDU alumni gazette issue of April-May-June, Vol 3. No, 1 Preceded by the celebration of the Holy mass with Fr. Jose D. Ante,OMI NDU President Fr. Alfonso E. Cariño, OMI and Fr. Armando Angeles, OMI as co-celebrants the blessing was officiated by Fr.Ante with the officers and members of the NDUAA, NDU  Chapter and prominent persons like Mayor Ludovico Badoy, RTC Judge Emmanuel Badoy , Atty. Angelito B. Cabacungan and other standing sponsor.

Certainly inspired by the efforts invested by fellow alumni in seeing to the construction of the alumni center, the NDU Alumni Chapter generously hosted the blessing of the center with its president, Mrs. Rebecca F. Hagad spearheadind the preparation. Behind the scenes but significant to remember are people who sat together several times to pilot snd oversee the project. Bulawan carefully scrutunized the plan and saw to it that fellow Engr. Calixto Ayson an alumnus and the contractor of the building religiously observed specification. That morning  the President Mr. Necito Blase told the story of the alumni center , tracing and relieving the problems and difficulties, he called for greater participation from all alumni. this cal for involvement was followed by timely challenge to the alumni to do so from Mayor Ludovico Badoy as he extolled the type of education each recieved from Notre Dame University.
Fr. Alfonso E. Cariño, OMI Executive Vice President responding to the previous talks underscored the role of the three pillars of the University in the making of the alumni the Administration , faculty and the student. The turning out of Alumni required these pillars.
Dr. Teodoro M. Carrasco , Vice-President for student services with whose office the responsibility of relating with alumni resides, acknowledged in his closing remarks, the contribution of various groups leading to the construction of the alumni center and its subsequent blessing. In retrospect, the writer together with Engr, Calixto Ayson spent many hour on the road leading to homes and offices of alumni. At one time with Bing Blase to Tagum, then to Esperanza Isulan, Tacurong, Marbel and Dadiangas. It was nice to meet graduates of many years ago holding important position in  the government and private offices. Some are successful entrpreneurs. In Tagum , we met alumnus Col.Nelson Estares , the provincial commander of Davao del Norte.

In Davao city, we were lucky to have a generous assistance of Mr. Nick Marundan of the Foreign Affairs Passport Division. Through him, we were able to arrange a meeting with a alumni , Bayani Basilio Manager of PCIB, Rey Millan Manager of MHS , Region XI, Elmer Bartolata, Ass't. Regional Director of the Civil Service Commission , Lolita Yu now married, Wenceslao Venzon with CAP and Boy Allado engaged in business at the Shanghai Restaurant in Sta. Ana District. We missed Atty. Ed de Vera there who was busy in the canvassing of election result being lawyer of Congressman-Elect  Dureza. Later on our return trip we saw him and his brother Atty. Francisco de Vera from Butuan City and ofcourse Mrs. Ezperanza Damaso de Vera former faculty and alumnae of NDU.
On our trip to General Santos City, Treasurer Alfredo Bacar was our host and guide . Through himn we took note of the alumni in that city. We enjoyed an evening dinner with fishing magnate Rudy Rivera on top of his plush residence in reclaimed area at Makar Beach. Back the following day, we discovered Willie Andrade to be Assistant Provincial Treasurer Adolfo Macapagal led other almuni in welcoming us. On the way home, we dropped in at Mayor Roberto Examen's residence. Coincidentally, they were celebrating their parents Golden Wedding Anniversary.
The response here in the city and other place seem encouraging. A very concrete gesture of support was lately receive from Chairman Zacaria Candao. He is donating a size able amount brightening the prospect of completing the second floor. This is the alumni story,  but as one can see, it is not complete. There are characters in the plot who still have to play roles and actr their parts. The prospects of realizing this is bright.


Alumni Fees

P 300.00 (Renewable Every 3 years)

       Note: Lifetime Membership is P 1000.00 
              If you are graduate of this school year, you may add 700 pesos only

 What are the Benefits of alumni ID?
           You can avail discount in the NDUAA, Inc. Partner Establishment.




Alumni Batch

List of Batch 2017 Graduates


Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA)

  • Alapuen, Neil Lorenz Samson
  • Bagundang, Nor Hassan Said
  • Darping, Rehanna Marohom
  • Datua, Aleah Nor
  • Daud, Abdulmohaymen Pasigan
  • Dimasuhid, Gloria Mae Barredo
  • Guiamel, Johara Gandang
  • Kabib, Al-yasser Grande
  • Kuga, Norhan Mohamad
  • Lauban, Mohammad Abdulrauf lidasan
  • Mohamad, Muhammad Bin Ahmad Sero
  • Pagayao, Bai Princess Lamina Ibad
  • Piquero, April John Lapined
  • Santiago, Almaedah Salim
  • Sinsuat, Majah Yusop
  • Tago, Moin Sarip
  • Tomawis, Jabber Macabalang
  • Ulangkaya, Datu Rhassam Candao
  • Unte, Amir Khalid Hugs Arcinas

Bachelor of Arts (AB) - Major in Sociology

  • Adam, Bryan Kasim
  • Butil, Zairalyn Sakal
  • Datumama, Sarina Usop
  • Pigkaulan, Anwar Cota
  • Poingan, Rohaina Taug
  • Abo, Ayramae Carriloc
  • Acosta, Jessica Malaco
  • Gepte, Jorge Henriech Mainza
  • Sambolawan, Mohammad Bansuan
  • Sendad, Noriejean Romasanta
  • Tanghal, Karen Smor Henson
  • Yoshioka, Harmeya Uy

Bachelor of Arts (AB) - Major in Religious Studies

  • Gulmatico, Princess Mark Lojera

Bachelor of Arts (AB) - Major in Philosophy

  • Alamo, Kent Jasten Capisan
  • Andaya, James Edison Sullano
  • Aspacio, Bbenjie Zambrano
  • Borda, Jezreel Kim Camit
  • Bulabon, Jhonford Capundag
  • Calibara, Erich Aldamar
  • Cheng, Alexander Narciso
  • Dasmariñas, Leif Daive Quines
  • Dela cruz, Ranier James Legarda
  • Dela vega, Joshua Rusiana
  • Derama, Gerald Testado
  • Dinaga, Jayson Clarang
  • Estimada, Rodel Jorolan
  • Gallego, Jan Pauline Lobo
  • Karim, Alican Bombola
  • Loquero, Jeric Arao
  • Mampang, Norman Pyke Lorenzo
  • Penetrante, John Michael Gellado
  • Polilio, Donald Liza
  • Puti, Bairuth Manisi
  • Rizaldo, Richard Jr. Burgos
  • Soriano, April John Dalanon
  • Suan, Julius Pasco
  • Tanap, Jonh Arvin Dearos
  • Vicente, Benedict Caraan
  • Villavicencio, Isagani Lumayag 

Bachelor of Arts in Communication (BACom)

  • Dominisac, Lady Jean Arcenal
  • Lidasan, Nijar Ibay
  • Manatad, Cecil Jeremie Tadina
  • Quiring, Blessed Guina Dela Cruz
  • Tomawis, Ryan Templa
  • Toriaga, Jessa Mae Calunsag
  • Ampao, Amirah Buat

Bachelor of Science in Biology

  • Bandao, Samira Utap
  • Calingasan, Carla Siladan
  • Carrasco, Rico-Teodoro Jose III Araneta
  • Deligero, Fela Mae Gumapac
  • Diranggaren, Muhammad Zaid Ducay
  • Inok, Arminia Lagui
  • Kahar, Johnaisa Kayugan
  • Lacson, Abraham Adriano
  • Ocsio, Carl Cedric Teves
  • Oyong, Abdulnasser Usop
  • Pa-alisbo, Rose Ann Cenas
  • Serrano, Lois Nicole Maldo

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

  • Abdulkarim, Bai Naima Utto
  • Abedin, Houssam Akmad
  • Akmad, Sittie Fariesah Manduyog
  • Ambolodto, Joeharto Guro
  • Ansor, Sadam Canapia
  • Costales, Elaine Therese Balboa
  • Dela cruz, Zendy Sanoy
  • Ebrahim, Abdulbasit Aron
  • Elizares, Mary Renchy Martinez
  • Enggay, Camille Jane Dollete
  • Eto, Byweenah Guiamad
  • Giguiento, Bencel Gerard Bacar
  • Glang, Krizia Mae Ventura
  • Gubaton, John Chrysostomo Tugado
  • Juanitez, Dave Mor Canumay
  • Kapat, Karen Jungco
  • Lagsub, Glomarie Florido
  • Llesis, Devin Wenceslao
  • Lumibao, Mark Anthony Sanglitan
  • Malang, Irvani Haquim Ibad
  • Mantawil, Fatima France Usman
  • Singsing, Shaira Kamad
  • Suan, Joybelle Pacheco
  • Tan, Irish Joy Dela Torre
  • Turno, Bruce Elijah Valensoy
  • Undong, Omorher Daud



Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA)

  • Abo, Asnaima Salik
  • Ali, Haola Gendeng
  • Ayob, Hanna Abdul
  • Balbuena, Rose Marie Acosta
  • Benito, Datu Mohammad Makalapin
  • Camillo, Leigh-Anne Simpal
  • Castillon, Analie Apara
  • Fortich, Joanna Marie Albores
  • Glimada, Michelle Sanglitan
  • Guinta, Kashmir Azhar Amir
  • Hashim, Haisam Sabdula
  • Ismael, Hanna Shylla Salazar
  • Ismael, Shareen Salazar
  • Jakosalem, Jeremie Hernandez
  • Kali, Dk calis
  • Luab, Judy Ann Taata
  • Menang, Fyrdausa Maja Naki
  • Penuela, Claire Milanes
  • Quinlat, Jerica Aiko Cuello
  • Sali, Shanor Hamsali
  • Sinsuat, Khimberly Hallegado
  • Tan, Christine Shayne Filipino
  • Unga, Farhanna-Mae Lauban

Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology (BSAcT)

  • Abdillah, Nesrin Lauban
  • Abdul, baischenarizah Sinsuat
  • Abdulkarim, Norhatta Mama
  • Abdulsatar, Sahid Mohamad
  • Ali, Ameerah, Salik
  • Alumisin, Jefferson Tabbu 
  • Amil, Raida Esmael
  • Amil, Sittie Bai Kyeesah Usman
  • Ampa, Almaizer Sarigan
  • Ampatuan, Bai Zairyll Ann Manduyog
  • Andres, Nikkol Lopena
  • Aquino, Aisha Ily Quesada
  • Aragasi, Hassim Elias
  • Bangcolongan, Sharon Bagood
  • Bantilan, Johanah Bansigan
  • Baraguir, Hemerhyni Abu
  • Bataga, Adnan Yusop
  • Berredo, Laiza Joy Castillo
  • Besin, Jiezel Mae Jaictin
  • Binsuan, Maryam Necor
  • Bitol, Bai Alyssa Ampatuan 
  • Blah, Wafirah Abdulkadir
  • Bulalhog, Van Mikko Arduo
  • Campong, Sittie Johaira Ismael
  • Cheong, Ronielle Mae Tahum
  • Daabay, Rex Antonio Nietes
  • Dalida, Erl Marie Dimasuhid
  • Dama, Sharif Azan Hassan
  • Datumanong, Bai Airon Campiao
  • Dayag, Mikee Joyce Bation
  • Dimaro, Norjanisa Tomawis
  • Dimaukom, Bai Shara Kenis
  • Eloja, Ervin Jean Capacio
  • Empig, Anna Rowela Nacman 
  • Escleto, Jyn Cossette Alarcon
  • Esquillo, Jewel Amor Yu
  • Galon, Rochelle Delcano
  • Gasa, Angelica Mae Mabad
  • Gomez, Roneth Gabin
  • Guidoga, Chescille Mae Intoy
  • Hermoso, Dennise Aura Gepte
  • Javier, Johannie  
  • Kagui, Mohairah Sangkad
  • Kamendan, Malen Manabilang 
  • Kasim, Bai Alyzza Jailon
  • Lastrilla, Sharon Joyce Bunyawan
  • Lauban, Hasrafel Anton
  • Lausa, Anna Leizel Lausa
  • Lidasan, Asnaira Lumpingan
  • Londres, Christian Paul Esgrina
  • Lu, Dc chenne Cuevas
  • Lucas, Senen Jr. Yap
  • Lumibao, Ryan Renzo Bebanco
  • Luna, Jomar Bequin
  • Macabuat, Rose Leah Lim
  • Macasayon, Abdul Garnain Padasan
  • Macion, Maria Lourdes Tingcang
  • Madzimuda, Nadia Esmail
  • Maglaque, Shiela Monica Soriano
  • Malawi, Amirodin Zacaria
  • Malikol, Veronica Ayunan
  • Mamalinta, Yeizza Faerrah Bagumbayan
  • Manambuay, Mohamad Ali Talmbo
  • Mandi, Hanna Alauman
  • Manunggal, Hasmin Usman
  • Maulana, Princess Aiza Debarosan
  • Milanes, Florence Joy Coronel
  • Mohamad, Johaina Abdullah 
  • Navarra, Darvie Shayne Santolaja
  • Oclarino, Jade Patrick Embodo
  • Ocsio, Reniah Lerios
  • Ontoy, Sheena Baligwat
  • Piang, Vanessa Gaudiano
  • Pino, Alf Patrick Pepugal
  • Pinsik, Johainie Adzal
  • Rabino, Fernette Endrina
  • Radia, Omar Sharief Datumulok
  • Rayhan, Bai Hadiyah Ayn Macapendeg
  • Rodriguez, Sidray Franz Garde
  • Salik, Faharudin Ong
  • Salik, Farhanah Esperat
  • Samson, Aubrey Collaine Magdayo
  • Siason, Ma. Monica Pactol
  • Solaiman, Marwan Abdulsatar
  • Sula, Jasmin Ibrahim
  • Sultan, Bai Zakina Sansaluna
  • Sumagka, Bai Ameira Mustapha
  • Suminguit, Henyr Recamara
  • Tanghal, Loren Nikkei Vergara
  • Taup, Nur Gabid Lu
  • Tejada, Phil Angelo Lustan
  • Tumog, Felisha Nicole Uy Taranco
  • Ty, Rohainee Mae Marohom
  • Usop, Anwar Balabaran
  • Wagas, Ma. Kissa Nicole Sorre

BS in Business Administration (Financial Management)

  • Abas, Asshaima Abas
  • Abdula, Ismael Alzzayn  Kadatuan
  • Abdulla, Shaira Mae Manglimot
  • Abutazil, Soraine Abubakar
  • Amil, Anee Feya Pangcoga
  • Angguling, Sahara Mendoza
  • Apat, Niña Joy Tacang
  • Ates, Darlene Tingcang
  • Bacera, Daryl James Moreno
  • Baganian, Mahajiriah  Mamaluba
  • Bandara, Lucky Khasmir Sanday
  • Baraguir, Norhaya Abu
  • Besañez, Al-nur John Rias
  • Buckles, Karen Legarda
  • Buenbrazo, Leslie Pastidio
  • Canda, Samshara Elias
  • Candao, Bai Fatmah Zambo
  • Caritos, Aimee Omisol
  • Caspillo, Claudine Omisol
  • Castillon, Judy Anne Buntag
  • Castro, John Mark Soriano
  • Chua, Rochmann Bon Gil Roales
  • Cordero, Czar Albert Ferenal
  • Cuerdo, Alyssa Fe Aca-ac
  • Deboma, Alyssa Judd Tabuldan
  • Del Rio, Gillian Paraiso
  • Diocolano, Bai Safrihainie Durado
  • Draper, Vanessa Jessele Rendo
  • Edzla, Hailah Yusop
  • Enerio, Lara Mae Apepe
  • Esteva, Stephen Jane Frenila
  • Fernandez, Ivy Claire Sarmiento
  • Fernandez, Ronnel Sarmiento
  • Fernandez, Shenah Jean Francisco
  • Gentuya, Reygealyn Escleto
  • Genzon, James Kenneth Lagud
  • Genzon, Vince Paul Balindres
  • Gerochi, Azenith Mea Go
  • Guila, Mohima Kahal
  • Ibrahim, Abdul-Aziz Mama
  • Ibrahim, Bailyn Mama
  • Jailon, Shaha Andrada
  • Kanapia, Bahnarin Laogan
  • Lago, Sheena Mae Gamata
  • Laguting, Carla Mae Camilo
  • Lao, Joeffrey Carl Venusa
  • Lauban, Ameerah Uda
  • Lazo, Mikaela Antonnetta Baroro
  • Lim, Enrique Jr. Abanto
  • Lim, Katrina Lababo
  • Macamimis, Danniah Alim
  • Manugkiang, Shierley Mae Herrera
  • Maricor, Shieka May Lumabao
  • Martin, Jeffrey Kim Dumocol
  • Maulana, Bai Jeahana Tariwasay
  • Midtimbang, Nor-Janah Buga
  • Mohammad, Jasser Unged
  • Mundas, Ivy Rhea Alingco
  • Nacario, Adrian Paul Talavera
  • Odoc, Ma. Reinamarl Balaga
  • Ong, Jan Kyra Libradilla
  • Pactor, Jojie Mae Ladion
  • Pamine, Pia Carmela Balikig
  • Panda, Charlimagne Guevarra
  • Panol, Jellica Montefalco
  • Pasaporte, Abegail Lamasan
  • Patria, John Wencell Tabasondra
  • Pilare, Charissa Dumam-ag
  • Salem, Jayma Abdullah
  • Shurafa, Angelica Artista
  • Sonsona, Mark Jhon Presbetero
  • Suico, Patrick Gilbert Viray
  • Sumandal, Joehamid Sali
  • Teves, Jekylex Baughman
  • Villania, Alvin Benito
  • Yu, Yzabela Angela Andal

BS in Business Administration (Marketing Management)

  • Albano, Arlex John-ry Calagday
  • Ampatuan, Lady Czarina Mae Untong
  • Ampukan, Ali Arsad Akmad
  • Andig, Bai Majadeeyah Salik
  • Aragoncillo, Christhia Angela Orobia
  • Autencio, Jonathan David Romero
  • Barnuevo, Shara Lo
  • Bedes, Jhon Castillon
  • Biruar, Harriet Ailah Ala
  • Brahim, Maliqa Pendaliday
  • Canaya, Almira Bea Taog
  • Collado, Conrad Dominic Enjambre
  • Daque, Marjun Lisondra
  • Dilangalen, Wyomi Cate Malingco
  • Diolanen, Omar Dani Mortera
  • Engcang, Johana Karim
  • Ferrer, Angelu Mae Sumalpong
  • Gayao, Rahima Kabel
  • Gogo, Shairah Manalidseg
  • Guiabel, Jerald Uy
  • Guimba, Melanie Ara
  • Hermoso, Iana Camille Espina
  • Huelar, Donna Mae Baldon
  • Karon, Bai Nordatol Sharah Haron
  • Kot, Nadjer Omar
  • Lamosao, Paul Harris Dipaling
  • Lim, Paul Jansen Pasandalan
  • Machutes, Julie-Ann Pineda
  • Magno, Niña Raechelle Basa
  • Makmod, Pasmia-Alija Kusain
  • Mama, Shahamie Muslim
  • Manipis, Nahdua Makakena
  • Masukat, Hasmyra Guiamalon
  • Milanes, Bai Dayanara Manduyog
  • Mercado, Gayle Ann Hingpit
  • Mohammad, Faroukh-Hasheimi Alluden
  • Panganiban, Patricia Nicole Estores
  • Pasandalan, Sandrics Lu
  • Pendaliday, Yusuf Ezekiel Uy
  • Pigcaulan, John Michael Tesoro
  • Pipican, Alparro Paglala
  • Pojas, Shermaine Leonardo
  • Quesada, kimberly Dela cruz
  • Sadin, Lahmudin Guiamadil
  • Sinsuat, Fatima Leila Basa
  • Siva, Charles Joseph Handumon
  • Sumalpong, Merry Jean Ongcoy
  • Tahir, Bai Mariam Utto


Bachelor of Nursing

  • Abalos, Cristina Marie Zabala
  • Abdulla, Pinky-Euphrates Dimanalao
  • Abdullah, Mohamme Andong
  • Abdulradzak, Hanan Undong
  • Abdulrakman, Bai Almira Lauban
  • Ahmad, Jawaher Kusain
  • Ali, Fatima Samad
  • Ampatuan, Sauda Acob
  • Andoy, Dayan Lao
  • Angki, Raven Barona
  • Antiporda, Precious Dyanne Difuntorum
  • Baganian, Mohammad Aljawawi Kamaong
  • Balaogan, Bai Maleja Salamat
  • Batuwa, Ruhayati Rakim
  • Cabales, Ed Jann Darrek Salvacion
  • Calib, Nisreen Basag
  • Canda, Kashmira Palami
  • Chan, Astrid Angelu Mirabuna
  • Felipe, Nestle Rodriguez
  • Galbo, Novae Shane Viray
  • Gimenez, Alfredo V Garcia
  • Guiaman, Meriam Sahara Mohamad
  • Guiapal, Mardzgie-Ye Matabalao
  • Honorico, Ryshel Catequista
  • Kuday, Salma Abdulpata
  • Kuntong, Allyssa Mae Guiadel
  • Lanta, Mohaireen Tato
  • Leandado, Francelle Maree Lim
  • Macion, Judy Ann Dela Cruz
  • Magno, Dorothy Ena Gargar
  • Mama, Bainor Mustapha
  • Mamokan, Aaisha Ibrahim
  • Nor, Yllyssa Mae Guiaman
  • Pandita, Mary Grace Umal
  • Patubo, Efamie Rivera
  • Piang, Noriegian Bagundang
  • Ramirez, Eddiejane Juspea Rivera
  • Rasol, Abdullah Jr. Mananago
  • Salamat, Mia Geal Lozada
  • Sinsuat, Bai Minshaira Geanyvee Valios
  • Sultan, Bai Sittie Aisa Guiamadil
  • Tilendo, Jainalyn Manguindra
  • Traspe, Micah Ridao
  • Ulangkaya, Ali-Ysmael Diamad
  • Zacaria, Rowaida Barazer


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

  • Abdulahim, Aila Samanodi
  • Adang, Abdullazis Kusa
  • Ali, Badrudin Jr. Paredes
  • Angkad, Mohidin Nurullaji Usman
  • Angas, Israel Abas
  • Diaz, Nova Joy Gabo
  • Jaromay, Cassandra Mari Abiera
  • Karon, Fadzrullah Sinalindo
  • Kasuyo, Joehardynn Jeff Minalang
  • Makilala, Noroline Ibrahim
  • Mapandala, Datu Anuar Uddin Matalam
  • Maulana, Tungko II Debarosan
  • Omar, Almuhandez datumanong
  • Palao, Rafsan Hammie Mindo
  • Saikadatu, Ramos Abdullah
  • Sarcon, Christine Mae Daasin
  • Simpal, Nur Hashim Binangon
  • Uko, Bai Czarra Aine Husain
  • Zacaria, Mohammad Yasin Buatis




List of Batch 2016 Graduates

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Education
College of Business and Accountancy
College of Health Science
College of Engineering
College of Computer Studies
Graduate School/LAW

List of Batch 2015 Graduates

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Education
College of Business and Accountancy
College of Health Science
College of Engineering
College of Computer Studies
Graduate School/LAW

List of Batch 2014 Graduates

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Education
College of Business and Accountancy
College of Health Science
College of Engineering
College of Computer Studies
Graduate School/LAW

List of Batch 2013 Graduates

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Education
College of Business and Accountancy
College of Health Science
College of Engineering
College of Computer Studies
Graduate School/LAW

List of Batch 2012 Graduates

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Education
College of Business and Accountancy
College of Health Science
College of Engineering
College of Computer Studies
Graduate School/LAW

List of Batch 2011 Graduates

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Education
College of Business and Accountancy
College of Health Science
College of Engineering
College of Computer Studies
Graduate School/LAW

List of Batch 2010 Graduates

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Education
College of Business and Accountancy
College of Health Science
College of Engineering
College of Computer Studies
Graduate School/LAW

List of Batch 2009 Graduates

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Education
College of Business and Accountancy
College of Health Science
College of Engineering
College of Computer Studies
Graduate School/LAW 

List of Batch 2008 Graduates

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Education
College of Business and Accountancy
College of Health Science
College of Engineering
College of Computer Studies
Graduate School/LAW

List of Batch 2007 Graduates

College of Arts and Sciences
College of Education
College of Business and Accountancy
College of Health Science
College of Engineering
College of Computer Studies
Graduate School/LAW

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