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The Office of Formation and Mission (OFM) of Notre Dame University as a support unit provides spiritual, interfaith dialogue and value formation and development programs for all the members of the University community. 


In 2011, the University Campus Ministry and the Chaplaincy Office was renamed   Campus Ministry and Religious Education (CMRE).  The reason for which was the intermarriage of formation and instruction – that formation must not be separated from academic instruction. 


And now as the Office of Formation and Mission, not just the programs and services are intensified and strengthened but the mission aspect as well. One thing has never changed over the years – its essence. The office has remained true in helping form the spiritual life of the NDU Community, in giving holistic formation to the NDU Community with the hope that the members of the NDU Community will live out the values in their day to day life as a mission.


The NDU Community is composed of the faculty, staff and students – basic education, undergraduate (college) and post-graduate, alumni and retirees.


The OFM has designed values formation and spiritual development programs: (1) Integrated Recollections and Retreat; (2) Spiritual Direction Program; (3) Inter-Religious Dialogue and Peace Orientation Workshop; (4) Christian Sacramental/Services; (5) Ecumenical Prayer / Liturgical Services; and, (6) Pastoral Programs/Ministries. The OFM also facilitates and directs liturgical and thanksgiving services for the community.




As a support sector of the University which responds to the holistic formation of NDU stakeholders, the CMRE has the following objectives:

  1. To provide a venue for the faith enrichment and spiritual development of all NDU stakeholders
  2. To facilitate their values formation particularly in the context of the university’s core values
  3. To foster interfaith and intercultural solidarity through inter-religious dialogue programs
  4. To facilitate spiritual direction, guidance and counseling


Programs and Services


To achieve its objectives, it has designed various values formation and spiritual development programs and it facilitates and directs liturgical and para-liturgical services for the community. These are the following:<p>

Recollections and Retreats

·         Christian and Muslim Recollections for First Year Students

·         Christian and Muslim Recollections for Second Year Students

·         Christian and Muslim Recollections for Third and Fourth Year Students

·         Recollection for Working Scholars

·         Christian and Muslim Seniors’ Retreat for Graduating Students

·         University-wide Faculty and Staff Retreat


Spiritual Direction Program

·         Spiritual Guidance and Counseling Services


Inter-Religious Dialogue Program (IRD)

·         Trainers’ Training for Faculty, Staff and Student Facilitators

·         IRD Orientation Workshops for Administrators, Faculty and Staff

·         IRD Program for First Year Students

·         Harmony Day / Intercultural Solidarity Day


Sacramental Services

·         Baptism

·         Confirmation

·         Matrimony

·         Reconciliation / Confession

·         Anointing of the Sick

·         Necrological Services


Ecumunical Prayer/Liturgical Services

·         Diverse Prayers of the NDU Community

·         Formal Academic Opening

·         Notre Dame Day

·         University Festival

·         University-wide Christmas Celebration

·         Faculty and Staff and Oblates Day

·         Graduation Day

·         College Days

·         Pinning, Capping and Other Thanksgiving Celebrations


{slider Pastoral Programs / Ministries}

·         Lectorate Ministry (Readers and Commentators)

·         Music Ministry (Choir, Pslamists)

·         Catechectical Ministry

·         Ministry of the Acolyte (Altar Servers)

·         Communion Ministers

·         Social Action / Services Group

·         Vocation Group

·         Working Scholars Group

·         Oblate Scholars Group




Inter-Religious Dialogue (IRD)

Mass Sponsorship

Sacramental Services

School Events

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