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Student Organizations

Get involved in any student organizations here at Notre Dame University! Here are the list of recognized student organizations.

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Student Government

Students in Notre Dame University are given the opportunity to become leaders in our community. Here's the list of our future leaders.

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Student Publications

Notre Dame University offers their students the opportunity to express their views and opinions through a student publication. Here's the result of our student's artistic works.

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Student's Life

Notre Dame University is a place where students of diverse faiths and cultures experience becoming more of who they really are.  At NDU, students are not only equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, but also provided with opportunities for self-discovery, self-expression, dialogue, and excellence.


Attending classes, preparing for the exams, writing papers and doing projects eat much of the students’ time. And, there are also activities either of academic organizations or non-academic organizations, meetings which students need to participate in. 


Given all that, they still get excited as they prepare for the college days, and all the more for the university festival.  Everyone takes it upon themselves to be involved in any way they can: as contestants in academic contests, as college athletes in the different sports events, as participants in socio-cultural programs, and as members of the college support committees.

In their stay at NDU, students are challenged to live with the university core values of faith, integrity, respect, excellence and service.  


School Events

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