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Supreme Student Government (SSG) is the highest governing body of the studentry.  Students with interest and inclination in campus governance may run for office in this organization.

Requirements to qualify for the different offices under the SSG:

Residency – at least one or more school years depending on the position being applied for.
Academic Performance – no academic deficiency in the previous school years (starting second year) such as failures, dropped, INC mark with a GPA of 2.50 as certified by the University Registrar.

At least 12 academic units load enrolled in the current semester.
Qualification criteria as stipulated in the SSG Constitution and By‐Laws.
No disciplinary case filed, present or past, as certified by the OSAS Dean.
Certificate of leadership and active membership in the University, the community and other recognized institutions.
Recommendation from the College Dean after personal interview.
Certificate of Attendance to leadership training conducted by OSAS.

College Student Councils are the college level officers. Each college has its own Student Council. Students are given the chance to participate actively in the planning and implementation of student activities within the college either as a constituent or officer of the council.

The College Dean has direct supervision and monitoring of their respective College Student Councils. 

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