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List of Recognized Organizations S.Y 2014-2015

Academic Organizations:

2. Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines, Inc.   (IIEE)
3. Junior Institute of Electronics and Communication Engineers of the Philippines (JIECEP)
4. Junior Philippine Council of Management (JPCM)
5. Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA)
9. Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE)
10. Philippine Society of Information Technology (PSITS)
11. Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME)
12. Psychology Students’ Institute (PSI)
13. Society of Junior Public Administrator of NDU (SJPANDU)
14. Science Club

Non-Academic Organizations:

16. Jumi’ahtul Tilmizaat Organization (JTO)
17. Muslim Youth Religious Organization (MYRO)            
18. Peer Facilitators Guild (PFG)
19. Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement, Inc. (PSALM)
20. Saint Marcelin Champagnat Club (SMC)
21. Tableegh Al – Resalah Organization (TRO)

Junior High School

Elementary Training Department

In the Notre Dame University Elementary Training Department, pupils undergo various learning activities that will help them develop as persons. They are guided to develop in all aspects of their personality; namely: intellectual, physical, social, civic, cultural, moral and spiritual development. These are experienced inside the classroom, on school grounds and even outside the school campus. The experiences outside the classroom are usually provided for by the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities through the different school organizations or clubs.


Pupil activities/clubs are organized in order to:

1. help pupils develop personal maturity, social graces , and sense of social responsibility, and appreciate the democratic way of life;
2. apply in real life situations things that the pupils learned in the classroom, gain practical insights that will help them succeed in life;
3. develop the pupil's leadership potential.


Math Wizard

to make pupils:
- learn more about Mathematics in a relaxed atmosphere,
- enjoy problem-solving concept development through games, puzzles, riddles, simulation, use of manipulative objects and models, and the proper utilization of technology such as calculators and other Math-centers activities.


- to conduct review in HEKASI on regular basis;
- to answer the felt and expressed need providing additional HEKASI experiences to selected pupils who are interested in learning more about Heograpiya, Kasaysayan at Sibika, and the latest issues and development in social, economic, political, and cultural areas that concern each of us;

Science Wizard

- to promote Science awareness among pupils by providing vital information on Science, technology and other related courses as well as encourage students to appreciate scientific concepts through challenging activities.

Math Club

- aims to enhance Mathematical awareness among students by providing vital information on the new trends in Mathematical Computations to prepare them to compete for various Mathematical challenges.

Science Club

- allows pupils to undertake scientific inquiry and establish a stronger linkage with other club promoting environmental and scientific ideas and activities.


- to enhance the physical development of the pupils through sports;
- develop agility and endurance through the different activities;
- inculcate the values of sportsmanship, unity, cooperation. and discipline in the pupils;
- encourage the pupils to participate in sports, in school and in the community.


Basketball  (boys)
- Soccer (boys)
- Softball (girls)
- Volleyball (b/g)
- Athletics (b/g)
- Badminton (b/g)
- Chess (b/g)
- Dart (b/g)
- Tennis (b/g)
- Table Tennis (b/g)
- Taekwondo (b/g)


ETD choir

- offers opportunities for pupils to serve the Lord through the gift of singing.

Little Servers of the Lord

- to provide opportunities for members to serve in the Eucharistic celebrations and gradually instill in them the love of the Eucharist.
- Develop the members the sense of responsibility as well as the leadership skills to grow as a person for others.

Young Muslim Club

- give opportunities  for Muslim pupils to develop their religious activities and love for Allah.

Academic Support

Glee Club

- aims to develop and increase the member's love and talent in music, acquire aesthetic values for the inner refinement on one's personality through music  and to develop ones skills and talents in singing.

Drum and Lyre Corps

- to develop the talents and skills of the pupils in music with rhythmic activities.
- to lead parades and celebrations called for by the school and the community.
- to enhance the spirit of friendship through discipline and cooperation among the members.

Theater Arts

to make the pupils:
- experience the magical world of the theater through acting, singing, and dancing that will eventually lead them to their exciting participation in the class dialogues and

Homemakers Club

- emphasizes the development of desirable work habits, concern for fellowmen and socially adjusted individual of their family and community where the live.

Dance Troupe

- to develop pupils' potentials in the art of dancing.
- to provide the pupils the opportunities for development of good poise and grace.
- to ensure the pupils' participation in school and community programs.

Junior Police Club

- promote CLAYGO and model for peace and pupil-friendly school and community.

Student-Pupil Government

- to develop art of self-government, intelligent leadership and consideration for the rights of others.
- foster the spirit of cooperation and friendly relations in the school.
- be an instrument in the implementation of school projects and policies.

Remedial Class

Remedial Classes for Kindergartens

- aims for a zero-non-reader Kindergartens.

School Events

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